“Gene Cipriano’s life is an invaluable piece of history. A tale capable of influencing and shaping the way we see music forever.”

YO CIP is a feature film dedicated to telling the story of the longest working session musician around today. 

Session musicians, also called studio musicians, are instrumental and vocal performers who are available to work with others at live performances or recording sessions. Usually such musicians are not permanent members of a musical ensemble with the singers that they are accompanying and they often do not achieve individual fame in their own right as soloists or bandleaders. However, some backing bands of session musicians have become well known.

This story documents an amazing yet unsung career from Sinatra to the Academy Awards, while also examining how the changes of the music business have affected every day working musicians. From the golden age to the digital age and everything in between.

Cip is the last of a dying breed. If we don’t document his story and share it with the world now, we risk extinction.

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